We are Anaconda, an Award Winning dance troupe specialising in Egyptian, Bolly, Romany, Tribal and Fusion (list not exhaustive) to suit all occasions.


We are some of the most daring women with our own unique brand of classical and theatrical bellydance.


Anaconda was created by the amazing choreographer and professional dancer, Angela Wooi. What started out as some weird dreams has resulted 6 years later in being an award winning, successful bellydance troupe.


We began our journey with some great classical Egyptian dance in the local area for small events. We are now recognised as one of the most innovative troupes in bellydance. Our works include an electic selection of classical, fantasy, horror and the downright different.


Whatever your event, whatever your theme, Anaconda can enhance your experience.

Behind the scenes ...

Anaconda is not just about the dancers, there are so many more people involved in bringing you an experience for your event, here are some of those wonderful people.

Wackyfaces -

Claire at Wackyfaces not only joins us for many of our events but is also multi talented in that her vision and creations, take the Anaconda experience to a new level with makeup and face-painting which is 'out of this world'.

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Heather Hughes -

Heather has created some of Anaconda's most wonderful photographs including our main 'Tea Time' picture above. See her website for more of her Anaconda photography.

Simon Partington - SpartStudio Photography

Simon has been our newest photographer for the last few years and is responsible for some of our most recent fantastic photos of our weird and wonderful styles of dance.

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